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Daft Punk Rules

Daft Punk

…they do. But the following are my rules of Daft Punk DJ etiquette.

Daft Punk Rules

1.) These rules do not apply as there are no rules where music is concerned
2.) Re-read rule 1 aloud.

3.) You can only play one Daft Punk track. If you play Daft Punk once you cannot play a Justice track. If you play a Justice track, you cannot play Daft Punk track. You must choose.
If you elect not to choose, playing one Daft Punk and one Justice track can be forgiven.
If you decide to completely break this rule, the egregiousness by which you break this rule grows exponentially by the quantity by which it is broken.

4.) If you play a Daft Punk track, it must be at a solid point of your mix, and no other option should be available in its stead. Daft Punk tracks are best used early on to put the crowd in a good mood or to bring them to their highest state.

5.) If you play Daft Punk more than twice, you are trying to be Daft Punk. Morons who think that you ARE Daft Punk will be confused and think you’re the greatest DJ ever, which you’re not if you’re copying. For examples of such morons, see

6.) Choose the Daft Punk track carefully. If several DJ’s play the same remix, the crowd becomes quickly bored.

7.) Remixes of Daft Punk are preferred, preferably your own.

8.) Music is preferred, preferably your own. Electronic artists should challenge themselves to outdo what Daft Punk did with Alive. I personally believe that is impossible and dream to be proven wrong.

9.) For an example of the best use of Daft Punk by a DJ, click below.

Palm D’ Coachella

Simian Mobile Disco


…was everything I wanted it to be and more. I’m still recovering, which is why I haven’t posted in awhile.

The best parts included meeting the man who created the greatest BBQ chicken sandwich ever made as well as an umbrella that resembled that scene from American Beauty when it took to the air and almost dragged a hipster like Mary Poppins. Oh yeah, and the fucking incredible music.

Simian Mobile Disco won the Palme d’ Coachella.

I have Acid Girls to see tomorrow as well as Bloody Beetroots on Wednesday, so don’t expect too much activity here for awhile.

Well put, roommate. Well put.

I received this email from my roommate:

“if i had a blog, and my blog was about videos of weird but totally
awesome shit, i would post this onto it.”

Well put, roommate. Well put.

Well, here it is…

This was featured as a top vid on MySpace as well. Just fyi.

My Coachella Schedule

For the curious, click here

Part of the Weekend…

Never dies…

In Dreams

If Miyazaki made this, no doubt it would have been awesome.