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Bob Rifo The Producer

Bob Rifo is one of the two guys behind the masks of the Bloody Beetroots.

He just released a fantastic new mix that you can download here.

Beetroots are simply one of my favorite bands playing right now, and that sound isn’t really for everyone (some think they sound like the chipmunks gone rampant with chainsaws), but as they tour and gain exposure I think it’s only a matter of time before they become a phenomenon.

Tracklist :

1.The Aston Shuffle “Stomp Yo” Bloody Beetroots RMX
2.Micky Green “Shoulda” Bloody Beetroots RMX
3.MSTRKRFT “Bounce” Bloody Beetroots RMX
4.The Bloody Beetroots “Rombo”
5.The Bloody Beetroots “Yeyo” Roughmix
6.The Bloody Beetroots “Cinematic”
7.The Kills “Cheap and Cheerful” Bloody Beetroots RMX
8.Cazals “Somebody Somewhere” Bloody Beetroots RMX
9.The Kills “Cheap and Cheerful” Bloody Beetroots Miami Bass RMX
10.Benny Benassi “I’m not drunk” Bloody Beetroots inst RMX
11.Crookers “Purple Lens Game” Bloody Beetroots RMX
12.The Toxic Avenger “Escape” Bloody Beetroots 2008 Pump RMX
13.The Bloody Beetroots “Dimmakmmunication”
14.JFK and Bob Rifo “Unknown” Roughmix
15.The Bloody Beetroots “Storm” Roughmix

DJ Jamie Lidell – With His Voice

Jamie Lidell is so badass, he don’t need no stinky synths:

Bjork did something like this on her Medulla album, which was created almost entirely by vocal parts. And Jon Brion and other musicians do a similar act where they string a series of instrument lines together recording each individually live.

But, first, it’s really hard to do.

Second, an amazing artistic transition when what you’re expecting is only Stevie Wonder-style funk and you end up with home grown electro, and damn good at that.

Third, it seems a little gimmicky, but I can’t help but admit that it’s awesome.

I fee an Ableton session coming on…

Clifford Lidell

Cliford Lidell (the other talented Lidell) has produced some of the better mixes that I’ve heard on the blogosphere including Unicorn War and Sexy Friends as his former alias CASIO.

One of his latest mixes you can download by right clicking the image below:

And there’s another mix he did where he covers 64 songs in 49 minutes, but that kind of struck me as a little overkill…(then again I just downloaded it today)

Disgusting, yet…


Perhaps try some Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Frosting

Or would you like some Avocado Ice Cream?

Or perhaps fries with your Frosty?

Gross? Or tasty?

Cecilia Bartoli

Cecilia Bartoli is like the next Justice…

New Mixes – MSTRKRFT, Jean Nipon

Re-read rule 1 and then enjoy MSTRKFT’S latest essential mix, which you can download by clicking the image below (credit to Kidz by Colette)…

Or check out a great new mix from Jean Nipon…

Or perhaps enjoy a game of shuffleboard…

Bonus prize to the person who can guess who the guy behind the mask is…

John Adams

…not the HBO special. Yet another music documentary, these seem to be popping up everywhere.

Click the image below…