Red, Red Wine

According to this New York Times article, in a contest, “Two-Buck Chuck, the cheap Charles Shaw California cabernet sauvignon, topped a $55 bottle of Napa Valley cabernet.”


Or do I just like this stuff because I’m white? Among the “Stuff White People Like” blog list are wine and the New York Times.

Some questions will remain forever unanswered….

It’s completely true that the best wine comes from the Northwest US. Give Red Diamond Cabernet a try, if you don’t believe me…


1 Response to “Red, Red Wine”

  1. 1 winewithdinner May 8, 2008 at 7:24 am

    I thought The Pour (NYT Blog) made a good point about an article something like the one you reference a few days ago. Who is judging here? I mean, I have no doubt that there are some $55 Napa cabs that are disturbingly overpriced. That said, if you are just taste testing with random people, why should the results be taken as truth? Even people who are experienced with wine often disagree on relative quality. Tastes are different.

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