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War is Peace.

Freedom is Slavery.

Ignorance is Strength.

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Google Space Program

Google just upped the ante…

(click here)

Asking Stravinsky Stupid Questions…

On a boat (click here)…

Or, Mr. Stravinsky you should really hear me play sometime…oh, look! A guitar! (click here)

And yet, after watching the above, I developed a respect for Bream’s playing:

Wall-E Negative Review

One guy writes a bad review of Wall-E, and what happens?

215 comments and counting. It’s like an internet witch hunt. Both disturbing and hilarious; a perfect example of how brutal the internet can be…

Frank Lloyd Wright – Mile High Skyscraper

The shape-shifting skyscraper is absurd, but so was Frank Lloyd Wright’s mile high skyscraper. Absurd ideas, possibly, but worth thinking about regardless.

After all, the Burj Dubai, has an obvious similarity:

Below is Frank Lloyd Wright’s sketch.

Shape-shifting Skyscraper?

The Terracotta Army

This image I found today on Flickr of the Terracotta Army in China literally took my breath away: