The Doors of Perception

Renee Descartes, spy that he might have been, would have had fun with this article (click here).

For some reason, the article I posted on Aperiodic Tile Patterns has gained the most attention on my blog; by far. Type the field into Google and you’ll find me.

Clearly there are other articles more deserving

Another example is here:

But what I think is inherent in both phenomenon is a sense of contradiction. Whether it be a pattern that never repeats, or squares that don’t appear straight (although they are):

This is ultimately why I think Zeno kinda had a point there…

But, don’t take this blog as science for anyone reading, this is really just stuff I find interesting.

By the way, which way is this woman turning?

You can actually make her turn either way. Just stare at the image for a long time (really this isn’t a joke) and focus on which way you want her to turn…


1 Response to “The Doors of Perception”

  1. 1 Stephanie June 11, 2008 at 11:55 am

    Urban legend is that if you see her turning right you’re right brained and creative and if she’s turning left you’re left brained and logical.

    All my husband saw was that you can see her nipples, which makes him a horn dog.

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