Fame is a Bitch

Crystal Castles are being accused of plagiary everywhere, which explains why on Itunes their average rating has plummeted. (From 5 stars to a meager 4 – joke)

Even their artwork has become accused of theivery (see here)

Click for…

EXAMPLE 1 by Crystal Castles

And EXAMPLE 2 by Lo-Bat.

But then Timbaland and 50 cent…

And, well…everyone is a whore

The only thing worse than becoming famous, is being accused that you don’t deserve it.

Release the plagiary beast…

And then Picasso…

But before Picasso was Braque…

And before Braque did that he did…

And before Braque, Cezanne painted…

And then there’s…

And it’s not exactly like your cells invented mitosis…


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