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How Did I Miss This?

So awesome, **EXCEPT** interrupting the mix mid set. Dangit.

From ye olde archive et 10/07.

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Heck yes I hot linked.

Braxe Viper Room


I Want One So Badly

It hurts…

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* vid credit to my sis

Didn’t See That One Comin’

Did ya?

My favorite part is the Blackberry buzzing in the middle. So very LA.

My Experience Working For Disney


I am so going…


From Dustinland

So I was just out at a bar for a few after work drinks, when I decided to get some flowers for the wife. You know, you really need to surprise the ladies when it comes to flowers. When they expect them, it’s nice, but when it’s totally out of the blue, that’s when you get all your points. So I figured the wifey had a tough day, might as well grab some flowers. Now, carrying flowers through New York City always gets you plenty of attention in New York City, but this was ridiculous.
As soon as I got on the subway, I knew something was wrong. I could sense it in the air. Once I sat down, I realized what it was. I was surrounded by tourists. And not just any tourists: all women. There was one dude sitting right next to me, but everyone else at my end of the car was female. At least 20 of them, mostly young girls, either high school or college (I can’t tell anymore since I’m approaching 30 and 17 is starting to blur with 27). So I had my headphones on and was trying to not pay attention to the weird vibe going on, but suddenly the women exploded into a frenzy of giggling. And then the cameras came out.
Turns out it was a dance group from Pennsylvania. Girls and their moms and one dude. I wound up sitting sandwiched between the dude and one of the moms. The mom said to me, laughing: “I never get flowers.” They were nice though and apologized for laughing and taking my picture. They asked who the flowers were for and I said my wife, and they asked “Is it your anniversary?” and I said “No, I got them for her just because,” and they said, “That’s why we’re taking pictures — because you don’t exist.”
So anyway, a photo of me with some random moms should pop up online a few some time soon. The end.

– Dustin

Fred Falke – Essential Mix

New Mixes has just featured Fred Falke’s Essential Mix.

And there was much rejoicing…