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Simian Mobile Nike

Sweatpantsmoney sent me this link which features some amazingly sick music:


The Sky is Falling

Falling Sky is a cool blog that I just discovered, the author of which posted these two images:

One of a galaxy being destroyed by a powerful jet from a black hole (ladies and gentlemen I’ve found my superpower)…

As well as a ghostly ring of dark matter in the farthest reaches of our universe, the image of which is probably millions of years old (at least) due to the slow pace of light:

Hey Girl…Hey Boy…2 Many DJ’s…

Here we go!!!!

Click here:

2 Many DJ’s Essential Mix.

Bloody Beetroots – Electrocasts Flash Mix

They’rrrrrrrrrrrrre Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

* Photo by Sweatpantsmoney

Click here

Bloody Beetroots

Cupcakes – Fox News Headline

Fair. Balanced.

When it comes to cupcakes…

I Have a Bad Feeling About This…

Featured on MySpace, but I still love it…

Boys Noize…

Has a blog too…