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Obama heads created in Microns (one millionth of a meter, 1/100th of a human hair) and other micro-scale insanities:


M0re Memories…

From LAX 11/2

DJ FALCON (with a little JFK)

BUSY P, their sets downloadable here (found on AsianDan)…

* photo and vid credit Joseph Tsai

Coolest Pillow Evur?

Found on Inspire Me Now, I want one so bad…

The Dafty Justices

This is hands down Justice’s best DJ set to date, albeit plenty borrowed from Thomas and Guy Man (unplugged):

Cable re-attached!

Alligator Strikes Venice!!!

Click here:


LAX, 11/2. This impromptu show was absolutely sick.

Memory 1 (AM and JFK)

vid by Glenjamn

Memory 2 (Busy P)

Mr. Kubrick

Found on Booooooom