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I’ve been addicted to Royksopp’s album “Junior” unlike any other for a long effin’ time. Be sure to watch this one in YouTube HQ.


Midfield General

Midfield General has a blog. He is friends with Busy P. He is friends with Justice. He’s an old fart who worked for a record company, but got sick of the soul sucking. He should be famous.

Click here to download (here and here) and find out why.

Decision Making

Do I like this better, or do I like the slightly better looking Vimeo version better? In other words, put all your money on Vimeo.

Play Him Off Keyboard Cat

This is one evil kitty…click here.

Also on the Daily Show.


Happy Birthday, Nibu

Maximus & a Grape


Probably not safe for work, but besides this being a little male-oriented, I couldn’t help but keep scrolling