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Return of the 2 Many DJ’s

And also a return of what was once Kidz by Colette. Click here, below, and rejoice!

* Photo credit Sweatpantsmoney

Who you can see was once the happiest man in the world here.

Bloody Beetroots – Electrocasts Flash Mix

They’rrrrrrrrrrrrre Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

* Photo by Sweatpantsmoney

Click here

Bloody Beetroots

Clifford Lidell

Cliford Lidell (the other talented Lidell) has produced some of the better mixes that I’ve heard on the blogosphere including Unicorn War and Sexy Friends as his former alias CASIO.

One of his latest mixes you can download by right clicking the image below:

And there’s another mix he did where he covers 64 songs in 49 minutes, but that kind of struck me as a little overkill…(then again I just downloaded it today)